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How to Order Upholstered Cornices

    • 1). Measure the window you want the upholstered cornice board to be installed on. Measure the window from the outside trim edge to the opposite side's outside trim edge.

    • 2). Determine where you want the top of the cornice board to be on your wall. Measure from that spot to 1/2-inch below the window glass inside the upper window frame. This way, your cornice board hides the mechanics of your sheers or draperies without blocking any light. It also makes your windows appear larger.

    • 3). Measure the required depth of the cornice board. Hold your drapery hardware in place along with the hooks that secure them to determine how far from the wall the cornice board needs to sit. Make sure there is clearance for opening and closing the draperies without dragging them across the inside of the cornice board.

    • 4). Take those measurements and your fabric choices to the drapery store that is constructing your cornice boards. Bring along the draperies or sheers that will be used in conjunction with the cornice board so all fabrics coordinate.

    • 5). Choose the style of cornice board you want. Upholstered cornice boards can be rectangles, arched or scalloped.

    • 6). Select your trim pieces like ribbon, fringe or embellishments. Examples of embellishments include buttons, bows or shells.

    • 7). Discuss when the cornice board will be completed, how much the final cost will be and installation. Check your receipt to ensure all the agreed upon details are listed. If they're not, return to the sales associate and ask that the details be itemized and signed by both parties.

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