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Freshwater Algae - How to Control it in Your Fish Tank

Is your tank so covered with freshwater algae you cannot see your fish? Is there so much gunk on your tank you are embarrassed to have anyone over? Freshwater algae can be a good thing because it provides oxygen for your fish and will help get rid of excess nutrients, while too much of it is not fun.
You can get rid of the algae by using an algae scrubbing pad or scraper and rubbing the sides of your tank.
Be sure not to use the scrubbing pads you use in your kitchen as it will have chemicals on it that are not good for your tank.
After you have cleaned the sides, remove some of the dirty water and put in new water.
Make sure to have a mechanical filter working properly to help get rid of the algae you rubbed off the walls.
Algae growth is increased in direct sunlight.
If you cannot avoid direct sunlight, use dark material or decorative backings to cover the back and sides of the tank.
Do not overfeed your fish, as wasted food also leads to freshwater algae growth.
Having a few live plants will help keep the algae in check as they feed on the nutrients before the algae can.
If you have too many fish in your tank, their waste will help algae grow.
You may want to put a scavenger fish in the tank as they clean food waste from the bottom of the tank.
The scavenger fish will also clean algae from the walls of your fish tank.
If you keep your fish tank out of the sun, do not overfeed your fish, clean your fish tank on schedule, and keep your filters running properly, you can stop the overwhelming growth of freshwater algae.

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