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Explode Your Dating Life With Text Messaging

One thing for sure is this, most people are addicted to their social life and this is in part due to the advance in technology and the way we communicate.
As the internet are making it easier for us to connect with others through popular social networking sites, it is no wonder that more and more people are turning online to find like minded people and to mingle with them.
That being said, one of the older form of technology that is part of our daily life can be used to your advantage, especially if you know how.
What I'm referring to is the art of text messaging and how learning exactly the right message to send can help in your dating life.
A staggering 98% of our population are currently using their phones and sending text messages as a mean to stay connected and chat, and thus it might be worth your time learning how to create messages that can easily help you land a date or two.
So here are some text messaging tips that you might find useful in exploding your dating life:
  • Be confident - The very first few texts exchanged between you and your potential date is vital, this works the same like first impression, and if you've gave your date a good first impression, it is important to follow up with messages that exude confidence as well as creates an interest in her.
  • Understanding the context - Often you might find yourself to be on a different wavelength than your dream date, and thus it is important to understand what her messages really mean and learning how to decipher it clearly can help you in crafting messages that will work in your favor.
  • Don't be desperate! No one likes to hang out with someone who is desperate, you do not like it and so does your date! Don't go crazy just because your potential date did not reply in a timely manner, or a manner you would like.
    They're not obliged to do that and therefore do not flood their inbox with messages, you are only driving them away and sabotaging any chance of a date happening.
  • Be playful - Text messages are a good way to show your fun and interesting side because often many have found it difficult to do it in front of their date, this is because they simply freeze up when meeting with their dream date.
    Utilizing text messages, you can freely and truly show your inner self because you get ample time to think of your messages, therefore do not forget to use this truly important tool to help you succeed!

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