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How to Burn Body Fat Even When You Are Sleeping

It is entirely possible for you to burn body fat continuously throughout the day, even when you are sleeping.
The entire process is actually very simple, but it will take a lot of commitment and discipline on your part to get it done.
Nonetheless, once you get used to this process of burning body fat, it will become a lot easier for you, especially when you start achieving the goals you have set for losing body fat.
The question for you now is: How do you get to burn fat throughout the day, even when you are asleep? Just follow the simple steps outlined below and you will start losing fat 24 hours daily.
Build Your Muscles Not a lot of us are aware that muscles are made up of active cells.
As thus, they burn calories more efficiently.
So, you get to burn more fat when you have more muscle in your body because whatever calories you eat are constantly converted into energy by your muscles.
Do Some Cardio before Breakfast Increasing your heart rate through cardio exercises will help a lot in burning your body fat.
The best time to do your cardio exercises is in the morning before you eat your breakfast.
At this time, your body will have low levels of carbohydrates, thus allowing it to burn a lot more fat.
It is recommended that you do your cardio exercises five or six days every week.
Also, you must make sure that the cardio exercises you will do are intense enough to get you sweating and panting for breath after you are done.
This will help you burn calories continuously hours after you are done with your cardio exercises.
Eat Small Meals Instead of eating three square meals a day, you should try eating five or six small meals rich in protein and complex carbohydrates every three hours per day.
How does this meal pattern help you burn fat? First, the frequency of your meals tells your body that you have enough food to eat.
Thus, your body will stop storing body fat that it will ideally use in times of food shortage.
In addition, eating small meals many times a day will keep your digestive system working so you get to burn fat continuously throughout the day.
Second, protein and complex carbohydrates are harder for the stomach to digest.
When carbohydrates are more difficult for the body to digest, insulin levels do not spike quickly to convert these carbs into body fat.
Thus, you need to start substituting your simple carbs to complex carbs - brown rice or brown bread instead of white rice or white bread, and leafy vegetables rich in fiber.
Weight Training Working with weights builds and enlarges your muscles.
Thus, you should get some weight training done three times per week, with days of rest for your muscles in between these trainings.
Try to train your muscles with compound exercises like bench presses, lunges, dead lifts and squats.
Also, do your weight training in the evening so that your muscles will keep converting fat and burning calories even when you are already asleep.
Protein Supplements Slow-release protein supplements like casein protein keep your body fed and help your muscles recover from your daily exercises even as you sleep at night.
They should be taken before you go to bed.
You do not have to worry, though, because the body digests casein protein slowly and does not get converted to fat easily.
If you create a daily routine that combines all these steps, you are sure to burn body fat continuously all throughout the day.
Such a routine is very simple to do.
So why not start doing it now?

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