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Review of How to Be an Expert Persuader by Michael Lee -Is This Course Really Worth the Value?

When you shoot someone, you don't feel good about it.
Ask any G.
who has brought fire on the enemy.
Injuring or killing a fellow human being is not a pleasant experience.
You can hear their families crying.
Hunters feel the same way after shooting someone.
When Vice President Cheney shot his good friend he was sorrowful and distressed by the event.
The shooting was not part of the Vice President's official duties.
He was on vacation (or a weekend outing) on a private ranch.
What happened there is really none of our business.
Cheney deserves some privacy even if he is the Vice President.
Can you imagine the news story if Vice President Truman had have been the shooter.
Everybody would ask,"Who in the heck is Truman?" The power that Cheney has assumed as Vice President has made him more significant than all other vice presidents.
The Vice President decided to have one of the ranch owners report the event.
They were out in the boonies on aweekend and she waited until a reporter she could trust was back in her office.
For that reason, the report of the shooting was "a day late" as far as the media was concerned.
I say, So what? We got the information didn't we? It wasn't earthshaking was it? Just another hunting accident.
Because the Vice President was doing the shooting is not that significant.
Once the media got the information, they decided to find out why the Vice President was prone to shoot erratically.
Had he been boozing? The Vice President had a beer with his lunch.
That is not boozing unless you are a ten year old not use to beer.
Then the matter of a neglected migratory bird stamp was brought up as if that could cause erratic shooting.
More bull! Television talk show host David Letterman brought up the drinking at first swing of the bat.
Jon Steward thanked God for his good fortune of having such a great story.
Leno had a field day too.
I thought that once the heart attack was announced that Leno and his kin would show mercy.
Not a chance! One thing I've noticed about talk show host is that they never give up.
Jokes on the shooting will continue for months or years like the Clinton cigar.
Cheney went to Fox where he as a zillion friends.
There he was able to tell the story in detail without being harassed at a time he didn't really need it.
His friend had added a minor heart attack to his injuries.
Hunting accidents are common here in Idaho just as they are in Texas.
To a Texas rancher catching a stray load of buckshot is not news.
One even described what it was like to get hit by buckshot.
I've been hit by buckshot.
It stings like hell.
The Media had their day which, now that Cheney's friend is home, is over.
At least I hope so.
Thank God for that too, Jon Stewart.
The End

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