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5 Must Haves For The Fall Season

What if you learned what the five must haves were for fall before the season officially kicked off? Don't you want to be a step ahead of everyone else and be the envy of your friends? The purpose of this article is let you know what the five fall must haves are for the season.
Here are the 5 must haves to kick start the fall season.
Step 1 - Scarves Step 2 - Gladiators Step 3 - Shiny Leggings Step 4 - Neon Nail Polish Step 5 - Leather Crop Jackets Again, the purpose of this article is to show you what you need to be fashion forward and fabulous this fall season.
Let's get down to the must have details right here and you'll what to grab for this season today...
Step 1 - Scarves From Lil Wayne to Kanye West from Rihanna to Rocsi, the scarf is popping up everywhere.
You can get them in any color and pattern and the take your fashion game to the next level Try folding the scarf in half to make a triangle shape, tie it behind your neck, letting the bottom V fall just past your collar bone.
Fluff is a little for volume.
Step 2 - Gladiators The gladiator shoe has moved from the must have of the summer to the must have of the fall.
Why? Simply, because it comes in so many varieties.
You can grab these babies as stilettos, boots, pumps, booties, wedges, open toes, the options are endless.
The secret to wearing the gladiator is to let the gladiator work for you.
Wear something more casual and less flashy so that all eyes are on your shoes.
Step 3 - Shiny Leggings Wanna show off your legs this fall and stay warm? If yes, you have to grab a pair of shiny leggings.
The thick lycra material will keep your legs warm and have them looking fabulous.
They come is a plethora of colors and textures.
The only thing is they're hard to find.
I know where to find them, so see my resource box below for details.
Step 4 - Neon Nail Polish It seems the acrylic French manicure has been overshadowed by the natural nail with a neon polish.
The choices are endless; pink, green, blue, orange, even white.
The brighter the better.
This is one of the easiest to accomplish must haves for the season because it has DIY written all over it.
Don't feel compelled to match your polish to your outfit.
Actually, it looks better as a stand alone color accessory.
Step 5 - Leather Crop Jacket With the temps going down, you're gonna need to keep warm.
You don't have to substitute fashion just because it's a little cooler outside.
All you need is a leather crop jacket.
The best ones fall at your waist so that you don't catch a draft.
The soft leather is light weight and comfortable and can be worn well over any day or night outfit.
Try a bold colored jacket on top of a solid colored outfit! This splash of color will make you look fabulous and keep all eyes on you!

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