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How To Guarantee Your Business Succeeds In 2012

Ever since the 1st major business was developed right after the Middle Ages, the world of business has constantly been evolving to new levels.
There was a time where the word "Millionaire" held a lot more weight than it does now.
Even the world "Billionaire" seems to be getting tossed around pretty casually these days.
Think about it...
it took Sam Walton - the founder of Wal-Mart - over 40 years in business to develop himself into a Billionaire.
When he died, his net worth was $7.
2 Billion.
Then a guy named Jeff Bezos comes along in the early 2000's and develops a website by the name of Amazon.
In less than 3 years, his net worth was the equivalent of Sam Walton.
Making money isn't as hard as the media is making it out to be.
In fact, it is easier than it has ever been.
The tools are better, the market is more ready than ever, and starting a business is 100 times cheaper than it has ever been.
Starting a good old brick 'n mortar business used to cost anywhere between $50,000 - $500,000 to start.
And you were pretty much guaranteed to go out of business your first year...
and if you made it through the first year, you'd go bankrupt the second year.
That was the situation for more than 80% of new businesses.
But the emergence of the internet has completely changed the game.
First of all, with less than $500 you can start a business that has the potential to go into the Billions.
And that is no exaggeration.
Want an example? The domain name Facebook.
com cost no more than $10 to purchase.
Mark Zuckerberg, the genius behind Facebook, is currently worth over $17 Billion is the world's youngest Billionaire as of 2008.
It cost him less than $1000 to start that website...
and look at where he is now.
There are literally hundreds of stories very similar to this one.
No, there haven't been that many Billionaires made...
but Millionaires definitely.
If you wanted to, you could start a business today for less than $50 - the cost of your new domain name and hosting.
The design work for your site, you could do for free.
It's pretty much "point and click" now-a-days.
You can create your own best-selling information product for free.
All you need is Microsoft Word or a similar word processing software to write the content for the product.
You then turn the word document into a PDF file and sell that as a digital download.
And as far as marketing and advertising is concerned, you can get hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site for free.
You read that right...
If you understand the principles behind a great marketing campaign, you'll be able to write a press release, or create a video that will go viral and send more visitors to your site than you'll know what to do with.
I know it all sounds really simple and to tell you the truth...
it is.
The only "catch" is that it requires work on your part.
There will be days where you don't eat, and you just might lose a few pounds or even some hair in the process...
but tell me about one business that doesn't do that.
As long as you're willing to learn, be persistent, and go to work, your success in business is virtually guaranteed.
And you can start for less than what it costs to go to a nice dinner with your family.

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