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How to Fax by Panafax on the Internet

    Set Up

    • 1). Press the right arrow button and the number 7.

    • 2). Press the "Email" button with the envelope icon to the right of the display screen on the Panafax.

    • 3). Enter the fax recipient's email address using the control panel buttons under the display panel of the Panafax. Press the "Clear" button to delete a character if you make a mistake while entering the email address. You can enter up to 60 characters.

    • 4). Press the large, round "Start" button located to the right of the number keys to send the document as an email message. Panafax stores the email address you have entered into its memory for future use. Next time you want to send a message to the same recipient, you only have to enter the first portion of the email address and press the "Set" button to let Panafax add the email address domain (the part of the email address from the "@" character onwards).

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