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Struggling to Lose Weight? It"s Not Your Fault That You Are Fat

Every January millions of people all over the world make a New Years Resolution to go on a diet.
They have all the right intentions, they really want to lose weight, but then one month later you look at their results and they haven't lost any weight at all.
In fact in some cases they have put on a few pounds.
Sound familiar? If you are one of the people who have struggled to lose weight in the past, this solution is for you.
The truth is, everyone knows that to lose weight all you need to do is eat less and move more.
Unfortunately though it's not that simple...
You could read all the diet books in the world and have the best intentions, but if your unconscious mind is out of alignment with your conscious mind you will struggle to get results, or if you do lose weight you will probably gain it all back again within a few months.
You see we each have a self-image in our mind about who we are, this includes how we look, what weight we are, how much money we earn, things we are capable of achieving etc.
Our unconscious mind will do anything to stay congruent with the image we hold for ourselves in our minds.
Our unconscious mind is like a thermostat in a room that is set to keep the room at a certain temperature.
If the room gets too cold, the thermostat will kick in and the heating will start.
In the same way if the room became too hot, the thermostat would kick in again and start the air-conditioning bringing the room back to a comfortable temperature.
The thermostat was programmed to keep the room at a certain temperature and in the same way, you are programmed to be the weight and size that you are.
That's why so many people fail when they try to lose weight.
They decide to go on a diet and understand all about the correct foods to eats and what exercise to do.
They really want to lose weight and in fact for a while some of them do lose weight.
But then your internal thermostatkicks in and you unconsciously start to sabotage your weight loss success.
The good news is that there are tools and techniques that will enable you to reprogram your unconscious mind to your desired weight and the body of your dreams.

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