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Candle Firm Striking it Rich

Melt, a candle company established by entrepreneur Cheryl Hook in Ribble Valley, just hit the jackpot when candle-making firm landed a thousand pounds worth of business deal to London's Liberty store.
Hook and her husband Trevor Hatch, began the business about ten years ago in their kitchen at the Beech Mont home in Waddington.
Their business transferred from the kitchen, to the garage, and then to the family basement.
As their business began to expand, the couple decided to officially establish their candle-making firm near an old working farm, by converting a barn house into a candle-making shop.
Since then, Melt has grown immensely in terms of profit share and customer clients.
Currently, Melt has nine employees working full-time, and churning out an average 5,000 candles weekly, and delivering them to six hundred fifty store outlets.
This is certainly impressive, considering that each candle is handmade and takes about thirty six hours to complete.
Hook did not hide her enthusiasm and excitement at the prospect of working of supplying candles to a good department store.
Liberty is a large department store that sells retail merchandise and has proven their excellence over the years through quality and luxurious products and good customer service.
The success of Melt has shown that the demand for candles has never waned.
It is interesting to note that candles have always been useful for centuries.
Initially, candles have been used as a lighting fixture inside the home.
Besides lighting the living room space or the salon, candles also serve a decorative purpose, especially with the different organic candles that have become widely available these days.
Candles have been used to mark celebrations, events and traditions.
They have been brought out to honor a special person, like in birthdays and anniversaries.
It has also been used to honor the dead, as a way of remembering and commemorating them.
As such, candles have often served as symbols of love, joy, peace and hope.
Besides the cultural and social rituals in which candles have often been used, candles have been recently used in aromatherapy.
Aromatherapy uses candles such natural candles or natural wax candles in order to burn essential oils and spices and allow it to spread and dissipate across a room.
The purpose is that the scents and fragrances coming from the candles and essential oils will improve on one's physical and psychological well-being.
It induces changes in one's moods, thoughts and emotions, and leaves one relaxed, calm, and satisfied.

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