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The American Andy Warhol Pop Rug Collection

Andy Warhol pop rug, the American pop art superstar, was known for much more than just his contemporary paintings, as many people today may be surprised to learn that during his life, which spanned from August 1928 to February 1987, he enjoyed successful careers in many fields such as commercial illustration, film-making, record producing, writing and more.
His art was groundbreaking in the world of contemporary pop art, and his designs continue to be popular and widely recognized today.
In the artist hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, there exists a museum entirely dedicated to the artist and his work.
It is the largest museum of its kind in the United States.
One of the other ways that Warhol's art still lives on among us today is through the Andy Warhol Home Collection.
This selection of tasteful, artistic home decor featuring Warhol's own designs is divided into four major sections.
These categories are Signature, Factory, Simply Andy and Pop Abstracts.
These four categories each contain their own specific merchandise in certain styles from the life and times of Andy Warhol.
The Simply Andy collection draws influence from the artist's pencil drawings and career in fashion design.
The Pop Abstracts collection contains contemporary selections from Warhol's pop art era.
The Factory collection is comprised ofdifferent styles from the artist's factory era, and is strongly influenced by the texture and shades of fashion design.
The Signature collection features the images of Warhol's most popular and recognizable pieces from each era of his artistic career.
Rugs make up a greatly important part of the Home Collection.
Created with the vivid designs of the artist himself, the pieces can instantly brighten up any room and create a focal point of design.
Each Andy Warhol pop rug is crafted for ultimate beauty and longevity.
One very recognizable Warhol rug is the Pop Circles red rug.
This abstract piece uses a dramatic design of reversed red-on-black to create a stunning statement.
The type of piece that an entire room could be decorated around, it comes in an appreciated variety of shape and size, enabling it to be used in nearly any type of space.
Another fun Andy Warhol rug is the Piano Keys piece.
With a piano key motif around the edging on a black background, it is modern yet elegant.
This Andy Warhol pop rug comes in many different shapes and sizes, allowing it to complete the decor of any room.

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