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Stomp Out Security Breaches On Your Office Networks and Computers

I've been in IT/Telecoms for a little more than 25 years and I've worked on projects for the Fortune 1000 as well as working for a Fortune 1000 company.
I've seen many security breaches in large business systems and small business alike and they have one thing in common, they are not infallible to security breaches.
You can have a security expert, such as myself, give your system a once over, but remember, the Titanic wasn't unsinkable and neither is your business network.
Remember, even Microsoft had been hacked in the news several times, as well as a variety of other companies.
Sure, I just gave the bad news, but what can you do for yourself to lower your risk? Stay off of social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
Many times your email address, on your profile circulates around the internet and anyone with a connection to a friend of a friend or any forums that you are in, has access to your email address.
Make sure that your anti-virus solution is up to date and that you are using more than free anti-virus.
You get what you pay for.
There are full internet security solutions out there.
If viruses, worms, or trojans are a concern or they keep attacking your system, there are hardware firewalls out there that can be installed as well.
Please don't use personal email like yahoo, Hotmail, etc.
Many times an employee will get their home computer infected by surfing several websites, then the email account becomes infected and then the work computer and/or network becomes infected.
Avoid instant messaging services like Yahoo which are unsecured.
It leaves a vulnerability open in port 80.
Use an online scan service such as http://housecall.
or http://www.
to insure that your machine is clean.
I also prefer using Advanced SystemCare 4 from IO Bit Information Technology, because of its multiple utilities, such as a registry cleaner, spyware cleaner, adware cleaner.
I had a slow PC/laptop at one time and knew that I had registry errors.
Playing with the Windows registry can be time consuming and if you aren't careful it could wipe out your Windows operating system and make your PC inoperable.
Since computer problems could be time consuming, some industry gurus just say, "Let me reload your PC for $130" (2 hours labor) as a way for them to make money.
I'm the tech guru, that is like the Dentist and tells you to brush your teeth with Crest (or whatever toothpaste they want to promote) to reduce the risk of cavities (or in this case reduce the likelihood that your PC will crash).
You take care of the small problems as a small business for very little money ($20 for full license, it is worth it and as always, keep your anti-virus/firewall solution up to date).
Also included is a turbo boost, where you can disable certain functions while the PC/laptop starts up (if you have a long, start up time or many processes running).
There are so many bells and whistles that are located on the product, such as the ones located under the Utilities Circle.
Here is where you will find three tabs Tune-Up, Security, Admin Tools.
Under these tabs are additional tools to do maintenance on your machine.
Now, of course, some of my clients do not have the time in which to maintain the machines and can afford to call out a technician for an hourly rate, but for those businesses that do not have the money to call out a professional every time they have computer issues, this is the ideal solution.
If you are not too confident in computer maintenance, as always, yes, please give me a call, our contact information, as always, is on our site There are so many precautions that someone can take to insure that their Network and Computers at Work are more secure.

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