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Do You Still Believe That Your Ex Boyfriend Is the One for You? Here Is How to Get Him Back

You and your boyfriend split and now you realize that he was the one for you.
The decision you took to breakup has been haunting you and you realize that it was the gravest of mistakes you committed.
You want to reverse that and you don't know how.
Well, here is a step by step guide to impress your ex boyfriend again.
Stay calm Don't let the urge to beg and plead to your ex to get the better of you.
This act will not impress him one bit and will further make you look desperate and pathetic.
You are trying to impress him and he needs to see a confident woman and not someone that has no spine.
Give yourself some time so that you are composed when you confront him.
Travel back a little It will not be very difficult to impress your ex if you just did what you did when you first met him.
Remember why and how he fell for you.
You will have to enact the same things once again and he will start falling for you.
However don't bank only on this action replay but keep your options open to try other things as well.
Show that you are worth a second chance You will have to prove your worth to him.
not that you let yourself down earlier but now you will have to be a little more popular than you were before so that he realizes what he let go.
Have an active social life and keep meeting your ex on and off.
Also focus on your work or studies and impress one and all with your achievements.
Take extra care about the way you look Get back to size 12 and see how guys start chasing you.
Once you are fit and toned up you will be able to carry your clothes better and you will have a steady stream of admirers lining up to be in your good books and your ex will be one of them.
Take note of him All you have to do is just acknowledge his presence and not treat him as someone special.
Start hanging out at places where other young people hangout and you will soon see your ex do the same.
Encourage his advances subtly If he tries to get close don't shut him out.
In fact encourage him by being friendly and nice to him.
This way he will be emboldened to ask you out for old time's sake.
Start meeting him casually to further cement the bond.
Love will once again start to sprout.
Give him the TLC treatment Now that you are back together as thick pals give him the "tender loving care" treatment.
He will not wait a minute once he knows that you will say "Yes" if he asks you to be his girlfriend once again.

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