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Dear Fox Sports (and whomever else will listen),
We the fans are losing respect for Fox Sports and NASCAR every time Darrell Waltrip opens his opinionated mouth with negative comments about drivers. Maybe he should un-retire as a driver. At least then we would only have to listen to him after the race or, more likely after his mid-race wreck. Darrell Waltrip: "Well you know Mr. TV announcer, some of these cats just don?t get it like I do.

You know back when I was creating NASCAR and my "Bud" Al Gore was creating the Internet, things were different." "Now days these rookies come out here running the tires off these hot rods a beatin and a bangin."

Darrell, it?s called NASCAR racing. Check into it.

Jeff Hammond could be a better sport in Victory lane although personally I have never been purposely showered in beer. However, someone might want to tell him that if you stand in Victory Lane just after someone wins a Nextel Cup race there is a real chance your clothes will need to go to the dry cleaners afterwards.

Additionally, For the Love of GOD would someone there please teach Larry McRenolds how to speak English? We have children asking us: "What is XTREE?" . I know ol? Larry never went to Catholic school because a NUN would have surely smacked the living life out of him for his destruction of our language. NUN to Larry: "The word is EXTRA ...Larry, EXTRA with an A, there is no such thing as X-TREE...(WACK)" as she smacks him upside the head with a 12 inch ruler.

All costs associated with the ambitious endeavor: "Larry?s Learning Rehabilitation" could surely be written off as a public service.

Your report stated: NASCAR is changing their image to fit a more "Sophisticated Audience." These three lug nut announcers are to sophistication what Mo, Larry and Curly are to Thermo Nuclear Physics.

Fox this is NASCAR. When I want Politics I'll turn on FOX News, McLaughlin or Meet the Press. So can you do something with these announcers?

Here?s a freebie for you; Create some kind of new reality game show where we can vote them off. The loser of each round could be subjected to a battery of third grade English classes. Now that would be a reality show. The title could be along the lines: "Darrell and Larry Learn English Island" or "Survivor English Language."

For now I'll listen to music when your coverage begins.

With Warm Regards,

[Email=""]Kevin J Cunniff

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