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How to Charge a 12V 4.5A Maintenance Free Battery

    Jump The Battery

    • 1). Pull your car next to your lawn mower.

    • 2). Open the hood of your car and flip up the back seat on your lawn mower.

    • 3). Connect the positive posts and negative posts on both batteries to each other using the jumper cables.

    • 4). Turn on your lawnmower. Do not turn on your car while jumping your lawnmower's battery because this can damage the battery.

    • 5). Remove the positive wires first, then the negative.

    • 6). Drive your lawnmower for 20 minutes or more to change its battery.

    Have It Professionally Charged

    • 1). Disconnect the battery wires from your battery using your socket set.

    • 2). Pull the battery out of the lawnmower.

    • 3). Take the battery to an auto parts store such as AutoZone, PepBoys, or Protech. Most auto parts stores will charge your battery for free.

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