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Black Wedding Dress

In white wedding dresses and other recent colors were not even considered. Day has tilted more to the dark side. The dark side means "black gowns" Yes, you read that right, black bridal gowns. It is no longer a taboo, but socially accepted and sheik. Today it seems that most brides are looking black as a color acceptable to wear.

The bride who wants to show the world your fashion tastes are now opting for black. They even choose beautiful dresses, but it seems that black is where it is. White robe signifies the purity and truth did not become popular until 1840, when about Regina Victoria wore a white dress was married to Prince Albert. Since then the white wedding dress was very popular and fashionable.

Today, wedding dresses, black stick to the eternity of love bridal couple. This can be seen in Spain, where this tradition continues today. The trend seems to point to a growing desire to escape from the norm to wear what is thought of as normal and accepted, the bold and powerful statement to make.

Moreover, as a side note, the black wedding dresses also considered more economical, then a white dress, because it can be used more than once in a lifetime. White wedding dresses are usually only used at the wedding the bride and stuffed away in a closet forever. In this case, black wedding dress might be a wiser choice in this difficult economy.

Black trimmed with lace and pearls are an attractive option, but you can also consider black piping or embroidery on the dress in classic white.

Sarah Jessica Parker dressed in black when she married Matthew Broderick in 1997 because she was "very ashamed" is dressed in white and be the center of attention. But the actress admitted later regretted wearing black. However, recent brides pride dark. Karen Hood, 40, wore a black two-piece dress when she married.

Finally, it is really a personal choice, if your dress a black one .dress a black wedding dress in your big day can  make you unique but also it need a courage to do it .

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