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DIY Tank Divider

    • 1). Measure the inside width and height of the aquarium. Remember, the inside dimensions are different than the outside dimension.

    • 2). Cut the PVC pipe into seven pieces, two vertical pieces that are tall enough to reach from the gravel to the water surface, one horizontal piece wide enough to reach from one side of the tank to the other, and four pieces that act as feet to anchor the frame.

    • 3). Assemble the PVC and fittings into a frame for your divider. It will have one crossbar at the top. From the top, two sides will reach down to the feet, which run perpendicular to the frame. Glue the pieces in place with aquarium glue and allow it to cure per the manufacturer's instruction.

    • 4). Cut a piece of egg crate to fit inside the frame. Secure it to the frame with zip ties.

    • 5). Seal the divider. This step is optional. If the fish are small enough to slip through the holes in the egg crate, or are so aggressive that seeing another fish upsets them, you should seal the divider. To do this, glue an opaque plastic sheet, like a binder cover, over the egg crate. Be sure and add holes for water circulation to the divider.

    • 6). Install the divider. To do this, pile gravel over the feet to secure it. If necessary, stuff filter floss between the sides of the divider to keep fish from slipping between the tank and the sides of the divider.

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