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How to Start a Blog and Promote Your Business

First of course is you must decide which site you prefer as domain for your blog.
Most netizens prefer blogspot or other free websites that offer blogging service.
Other pay for their own personal domain, cheap price of $10/mo.
Which is not bad.
Anyhow, if you prefer a free domain, then I suggest you register a gmail account.
Once you have a gmail account you can login to blogspot.
com using your gmail ID.
After logging in, you'll be directed to your dashboard.
Fill in the needed information for your blog.
Like the title, the Blog address (this will be your URL which you can post or e-mail to friends to visit your blog.
Enter the code and click continue.
Choose your blog's template click continue (If you want a different design other than what is offered by blogspot its ok, you can still edit your blogs design later on).
Now you own your personal blog.
And start blogging about your business.
So, you wanted to re-design your blog.
You don't like the template and would like to change it.
Go to your dashboard.
Open a new tab.
Enter www.
com on address bar, and search for "blogspot templates".
After you have chosen which templates you like for your page, save it on your computer.
And upload it using "EDIT HTML" function.
Un-check "Expand Widget Templates" box.
Click preview your template.
And if you like it then, save.
After saving the changes, just click "VIEW BLOG".
Now you can start blogging.
Just do the same procedure if you want to change your template design.
Start blogging and posting about your business and promote it to friends.
Either using your social networking account to promote or any other means you're comfortable with.

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