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How to Enlarge an Artwork With Grid

    • 1). Ensure that the size of your enlargement is in proportion to the size of your reference photo. For example, if your reference photo is 6 inches by 8 inches, your enlargement should be 6 by 8. This could be 12 by16, 18 by 24 or 24 by 32.

    • 2). Divide your reference photo and your canvas into equal squares. If you have 20 squares on your reference photo, then you should also have 20 squares on your canvas. Mark every inch of your reference photo, and then replicate this, using your chosen ratio onto your canvas.

    • 3). Draw the grids on both the photo and the canvas. You should draw lightly on the canvas, making it easier to erase when you have finished your enlargement.

    • 4). Label each square as a reference for when it comes to copying your photo. By labeling each of the horizontal squares at the top with letters and each of the vertical squares down the left with numbers, you will have a set of coordinates for reference when it comes to reproducing the photo.

    • 5). Sketch the outlines of the photo onto your canvas. Again, you should begin doing this lightly to prevent leaving any noticeable mistakes on the canvas. Pay careful attention to the detail of the original photo, using your grid as a guide.

    • 6). Draw the final piece once you are happy with the sketch. Ensure that your final drawing is darker than the grid lines, since this will make it easier to erase the grid.

    • 7). Erase the grid lines, taking care not to erase any of your final drawing.

    • 8). Finish drawing in the details of the original image, using your original photo as a reference. Once you have completed the drawing, add paint or color as you wish.

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