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How to cloak your affiliate links

Affiliate Link Cloaker is motivated by the idea that if you use affiliate programs to sell product, then people are ripping you off. The idea that you are being ripped off comes in two flavors: affiliate link hijacking and affiliate link bypassing.

What Is Affiliate Link Cloaker?

Affiliate Link Cloaker is a software tool that creates a "frames page".

Frames are a way of showing more than one "real" page inside of a browser. You go to one URL, and once you are there, you see several actual, real pages. This is most commonly used by people who want to have their navigation buttons on one page and their content on another page. Then when you click the navigation buttons, the content page changes, but the navigation buttons do not.

But frames pages can also be used to "hide" a page. To do this you create a frames page that doesn't do anything except display another page inside of it. When you do this, the browser displays the URL of the outer or framing page and doesn't show the URL of the page being displayed inside.

The Affiliate Link Cloaker uses this technique. It creates a page on your site that is a frames page that actually displays another page inside of it.

Wouldn't That Be Easy to Figure Out?

Sure. Anyone who had the smarts to hit View / Source would see the frames code and would also see the URL being displayed inside the frame.

So, the Affiliate Link Cloaker "cloaks" the URL by expressing it in "Unicode" or "HTML Unicode". Instead of using the natural characters, the Affiliate Link Cloaker uses the numeric equivalents.

For example, an "A" is represented as "A".

And my website URL,

would be represented as


Let's go back to my prior example of cloaking the site. Instead of

I'll use 


You can see this result in my second example page: 

Again, check it out. It shows my URL and the site.

And, again click on View / Source and you can see the complete source for the page to see how it is done, but this time the URL is harder to understand because it is "cloaked" in HTML Unicode.

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